The Solar Cheat Code breaks down earning more commission to basic building blocks (like Legos) and tells you how to assemble them for success.

Get proven processes, gain laser-like focus, join a community of entrepreneurs, and reprogram your brain for superhuman ability.


Who is Bill Murphy?


Bill Murphy is a former door to door salesman turned online marketing expert who helps sales people get in front of more prospects by leveraging the power of social media.
With over 1,200 clients under his belt, Bill describes himself as having the, "Easiest job in the world." 
"All I'm really good at is finding badass salespeople.  You know the ones, they already have a track record of making things happen for themselves...all I do is give them more tools to reach more prospects. They simply continue to be a badass, and I get to take the credit."
                              -Bill Murphy


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Solar Cheat Code PhD

Time to take it to the next level and scale your operations nationwide. We'll take you by the hand and show you how to utterly dominate your competition.
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Solar Cheat Code Agency

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Online e-learning platform

Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like. Get personalized mentorship from experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All courses include weekly Q&A calls, recordings, student interviews, Livestream sessions, and 24/7/365 support.

Interactive entrepreneur community

Join an energetic community of 1,000+ entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you. Entrepreneurship is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

Live in-person events

Attend live in-person events in locations around the world. Learn in an immersive "real world" environment, rub shoulders with some of the most successful people in the industry and get access to bleeding-edge strategies so you can dominate your market.

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Once you are able to level up your business, your life quickly follows.

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We don't provide you with certificates, degrees, credentials, badges, or attendance awards.  We provide you with real business results: growth, profit, self-improvement, and success.

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22% of reviews include the word "love"

4.9 Stars from 3,767 customer reviews 22% of reviews include the word "love"